Giving Tuesday Influencer Handbook

We want to hear your story!

Using your voice, creativity and social media accounts, share how you support High Point University. Post a graphic, write a status or create a video on Facebook, Instagram, X and/or TikTok. Be sure to include #givetuehpu so the HPU community can be a part of the conversation.

We can't wait to see what you create! Thank you for your participation and for becoming the face of Giving Tuesday at HPU!


Social Media Tips and Captions

Click one of the social media icons below to view tips and sample posts for each platform.

Instagram Tips

Are you planning to post your Giving Tuesday story on Instagram? Check out the tips below to make this your best post yet!

Choose a meaningful photo! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Try to connect with your followers and share why you support Giving Tuesday by using fun photos of yourself, friends and family on campus or showing off your Panther Purple. Still don't know what to post? Check out our official Giving Tuesday graphics pack for specially curated Giving Tuesday social images!

Don't forget a call to action! On Instagram, pictures are the star of the show, but a caption is just as important. Keep your message short and sweet, but don't be afraid to share your story and encourage your followers to get involved too! Make sure to use #givetuehpu so other supporters can engage with your post as well.

Have fun! Instagram is a playful platform and there are so many ways to show your passion for HPU in unique, creative ways.

Sample Instagram Captions

  • I #givetuehpu on #GivingTuesday because _____. Join me in supporting @highpointu by making a gift at #HPU365 #HPUAlum #HPUFamily #GoPanthers

  • I 💜 @highpointu because ____. This #Giving Tuesday, help impact current and future generations of students by making a gift at #givetuehpu #HPU365 #HPUAlum #HPUFamily

  • On November 28, I'm celebrating #GivingTuesday at @highpointu by and supporting my passion. Visit and make a difference today! #givetuehpu #HPU365 #HPUAlum #HPUFamily

X Tips

Are you looking to quickly engage with your following while still showing your support for Giving Tuesday? Then Twitter might be the platform for you. Keep reading for tips on how to get the conversation going!

Be conversational! When sharing why you support Giving Tuesday, keep an open dialogue and ask your followers to respond and share their own thoughts or stories.

Tweet, retweet and tweet again (especially during Giving Tuesday)! Let people know that you are out there and engaged by sharing your own content as well as reposting other HPU content. Whenever you share a post, make sure to tag HPU's Twitter accounts and include Giving Tuesday to further spread the word.

Share a variety of media and content. Twitter is not just about your ‘words’. Pictures and videos draw people in and sharing different types of content and media will help to further engage with your audience and convey the Giving Tuesday message.

Sample X Posts

  • I #givetuehpu because _____. Help me spread the @HighPointU love on this extraordinary day by making YOUR gift at #HPU365 #HPUAlum #HPUFamily

  • #Giving Tuesday is November 28! This year I'm joining the celebration by making a gift to support ____. Show how you're supporting @HighPointU students on Giving Tuesday by visiting #HPU365 #HPUAlum #HPUFamily

  • On November 28, let's put some points on the scoreboard for #Giving Tuesday. Make your gift to @HighPointU at #HPU365 #HPUAlum #HPUFamily #GoPanthers

Facebook Tips

Looking to get the word out with Facebook? Below is a list of ways you can begin engaging your community for Giving Tuesday!

Talk it up! Be sure to tell people what Giving Tuesday is all about. Let them know how they can donate and ask them to spread the word! Encourage your followers to engage with your posts by asking questions and getting them to share their responses.

Share what you are passionate about! Post why you are passionate about a specific area on campus and encourage others to support those experiential learning opportunities. Try posting any news updates about that area or accomplishments to highlight student success!

Create a Facebook event. Create a Giving Tuesday event and invite your followers to join. By creating this event, your followers will be reminded as the day gets closer and can see who else is participating in this extraordinary day. You can also encourage followers to invite their friends and families to join the festivities!

Sample Facebook Posts

  • November 28 is #Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving that we participate in to celebrate our university community. Support student success and scholarship at HPU when you make your gift today at #HPU365 #HPUAlum #HPUFamily

  • I love #GivingTuesday at @HighPointU because ____.  Invest in the Premier Life Skills University and join me by multiplying the impact of our gifts. Support what makes HPU extraordinary when you visit #HPU365 #HPUAlum #HPUFamily #GoPanthers

  • Want to learn more about #GivingTuesday at @HighPointU? Follow the link to see how your gift can impact the students of High Point University! #HPU365 #HPUAlum #HPUFamily

TikTok Tips

Let's make Giving Tuesday at HPU go viral! Below are some tips to help you create fun and exciting content that is sure to grab the attention of your audience.

Use a trending sound! Tik Tok thrives off new and interesting sound bites. Check out the trending page and find a sound that you feel fits your message and add your content from there.

Keep it short and sweet. TikToks don't have to be long. Focus on making engaging content that conveys your Giving Tuesday message in a clear and concise manner.

Let your creativity shine! TikTok is a platform that allows people of all backgrounds to have a voice. Think of different ways that you can let your voice be heard and share your Giving Tuesday story. Whether it's through a dance, story time or short skit, have fun with your message.

Sample TikTok Captions

  • It's #GivingTuesday at @HighPointU! Visit and show how you support OUR university! 💜 #HPU365 #HPUAlum #HPUFamily

  • Celebrate #GivingTuesday with @HighPointU on November 28! When you make a gift to support student scholarship you leave a lasting impact on the next generations of students. Invest in student success today at HPU365 #HPUAlum #HPUFamily

  • Attention Panthers! November 28 is #GivingTuesday at @HighPointU. Make your gift at! #HPU365 #HPUAlum #HPUFamily #GoPanthers

Helpful Hints

  • Make a feed or story post. Whether it's a photo or video, show your followers what you are passionate about! Post a story or to your feed and tell us how you support HPU. Try using one of our official Giving Tuesday graphics from the Giving Tuesday Graphics Pack or create your own!
  • Use a hashtag. Using a hashtag unites your post with others. Add #givetuehpu to join the celebration.
  • Tag High Point University. Tagging HPU will allow us to connect with you and share your experiences. Make sure you are following and tagging the accounts from our list of official HPU social media.
  • Include a link. Links are a direct path to information about Giving Tuesday and giving opportunities. Use in your post, caption or bio so others can learn more!

HPU Hashtags

  • #givetuehpu
  • #HPU365
  • #HPUAlum
  • #HPUFamily
  • #GoPanthers
  • #WearYourPurple